Saturday, December 13, 2014

Get It Done! One Week Left!

Security cameras come in handy even when you are at home!  I spent the morning giving the roof a good cleaning and an inspection.  I've found some opportunities for caulking and I happen to have one tube left of self-leveler.   

I just wish I throw that boat anchor of a roof air conditioner off to the side and put a dome in there.  It's a big waste of space and it won't run on our generator.  Worthless.   I'd rather have another fantastic fan there instead.

This is a short trip so there really isn't much else to do but wait until next weekend to saddle up and head out.   I'm sure we need some beverages of choice, some Navarro Cheddar Cheese made here in Mexico, yes, that's right.  I'll post a pic of it later because I don't have the camera with me now.  


  1. Can you get that cheddar down our way (La Cruz/PV area? Marilyn

  2. We have some Canadian cheddar here so we will have a taste test along with a few chosen beverages.