Sunday, December 7, 2014

Even The Best Things Can Change

First off, we found Blackie a new home.  We picked him up last week on the highway and it appeared he belonged to someone.  We made signs and posted them but with no response.  We decided to take him to the vet for adoption.   When we got here, the vet said he had a customer who was looking for a black lab to go with his white lab.  Done deal and now everyone is happy except for me.   There was something between us and even though I avoided the dog like the plague he was behind me all the time.   He sat and watched me work all morning yesterday and would rest his head on my shoulder.   He would have been a lifer but we promised no more pets.  On that same note, my oldest sister who has never been much of a pet person adopted a dachshund/chihuahua mix.  Funny.

Friday a teacher and colleague from Mexico City was here for work.  Last night we invited him out for dinner.   We don't eat out much anymore and especially in Monterrey.  Apart from the Christmas rush traffic and the rain it took a bit to get around.  We went ot a place called San Angel where we had eaten for years when we lived in town.  It has a reputation of good food as well as excellent service.  Most waiters have been there for years.  In fact, while we were eating a waiter came up and said hello and that he missed seeing us there.

When the waiter brought the menu my jaw dropped.   Many pages with color pre-staged food pictures.  I knew then that the Sysco truck was around the corner.  Que decepcion!  Yep, they had given in to pre-cooked, pre-prepared foods.  The kind of thing that Gordon Ramsey would just tear to pieces.   Even the beans had no flavor.   I ordered shrimp tacos that consisted of chopped up fried shrimp with cheese in flour tortillas.  They were good but not what that restaurant stands for.  Juan and Felipe ordered arrechera and sirloin and of course the meat was cooked on the grill and was very tasty.   

Get this though.  While we were sitting there talking, in walks a guy with a rain poncho, motorcycle helmet making a food delivery.  Our waiter had ordered his dinner.   Case closed.  


  1. Now THAT is funny! The waiter ordered out!

  2. I asked the waiter about it. He says they can only eat eggs, potatoes and beans and he gets tired of it. I never cared to eat in a place where the workers don't get a free meal. You would think that would be one of the benefits.

  3. Great news about Blackie! I bet the urge was strong to keep him around! Strange about the restaurant … I agree with what you say above….guess you won't be back.

  4. When we lived in the desert in Utah a Great Pyrennes appeared out of nowhere... we bonded... tight.... and I was devastated knowing she wouldn't be any happier living in our 27' motorhome than we'd be living full-time with her. We were SO fortunate that a friend of ours worked at a dog shelter in Salt Lake City and heard of a family with kids that wanted an outdoor dog to hang out with their goats and one that liked kids... a perfect match. While it broke my heart to see Bo Peep (she was born and bred to tend sheep) go I was so happy she got such a great home. I wish the same for Blackie... and it looks like he, too, has found the perfect home.

  5. That is too funny. I have always wondered why the pictures on the menus all look the same.