Saturday, December 27, 2014

It's All About Relaxing

I'm a day late on blogging but we get so busy relaxing and doing beach stuff that it is easy to get distracted.   We took a walk over to Kevin and Ruth's on Wednesday and took the panga over to the lighthouse.   It's a good walk up but not anything difficult.   Like always, we talked all the way up and took pictures of the views. 

From the top you can see the rv park.  We tried to call Contessa and Colin so they could come out and wave but the phone was off.  The white building in the middle of the photo is the hotel that separates RV1 and RV2 as the parks are referred to here. 

Yep, up at the top with everyone.  People offered to take our picture.   We met a couple from Seattle who had flown down to Mazatl├ín for a week.  They had taken the hike up and somehow they beat us down even though we left before them.  Not sure where they went but they were standing in front of a building along the street as we were heading for an ATM.  Mystery?

A view of a city street.  Looks like no one is around but in reality the centro of Mazatlan was packed.  We stopped at the market again for a shrimp burger and to pick up some bug repellent.  We got bitten pretty much on the first day here but since then have learned to avoid the critters.   The repellent helps and I lather it on.  Not sure what it is doing to my body though.

Once we finished we headed back to the panga in the pulmonia, those little golf cart style taxis.   The cost is 35 to 40 pesos and the driver is always open to conversation.  I sat in front and picked his brain about a few things.

Heading out to the ocean and over to the island, fun to ride the panga.  I get a kick out of it everytime.

It's really not much fun as you can tell to be here on the island.  It just one party after another and we really don't have much fun.  Last night we were invited to Paula and Yergen's house for happy hour and very good appetizers.  Shrimp kabobs, tuna salad, and an assortment of other goodies.  We shared a bottle of Argentinian wine called "Paula".   Very good cabernet.


This is our host's first trip to Mazatl├ín in a motorhome.  A very nice one to be exact and they gave us a tour.  Here is Contessa checking out the mirrored ceiling in the bedroom.   Beautiful woodwork, tile floors and shower I'd love to use.

Of course every evening at the beach ends the same.   A beautiful sunset.   Yes, I could stay here for a couple of months and we just might do that next year.

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  1. Only you would bring a bottle of Paula wine to her party. Love the sunset shot Juan.