Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Event And It Was A Bus Load

Yesterday the school where I am working rented a bus to take 40 students to Monterrey for a Christmas event.   The state association of DIF (Desarrollo Integral para la Familia) which provides services for disabled, handicapped and infants in need, put on a Christmas show and invited various schools.  Most of the children in the show are Down Syndrome children of all ages.  They performed ballet, a Christmas pastorela, modern and Mexican folkloric dance, as well as a play.   

Needless to say, it was fantastic and really brings home what humans are made of and what some have to do for things that most of us take for granted.  There was even a dance with people in wheelchairs which was incredible.   The students we took have not had much exposure to students with disabilities and I think were a bit shocked.  In the audience were senior citizens who are Down Syndrome or special needs such as mentally challenged.   Several of the kids asked why they were so old.  I told them that all of the children with disabilities grow up just like everyone else and they are our neighbors, friends and relatives.   I think it really hit home.

The bus ride back and forth was a challenge to me.  Once teacher sat in front and an assistant sat in the very back.  I was in the middle.   With me there, the kids had to maintain order and stay in their seats.   I don't think they liked me being on the bus with them because they usually jump up and down and run around.

The governor's wife was there along with all the other mayors whose wives serve on the board of DIF in their municipalities.   They served us a box lunch and we headed home.  Kids today seem more concerned with when they're going to eat chips and sodas and get to turn on their cell phones.   I guess that's the future and I need to accept it.  I still think a good book is in order.  

Overall it was a fun day and I hope to post pictures later today.

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  1. That must have been an amazing day. Wish I could have been there, great school system to create such opportunities. Hopefully many life lessons were learned and absorbed.