Sunday, November 30, 2014

Just In Time For The Holidays

We had seen this handsome young fella over by the OXXO the last couple of days.  He was shy but very friendly.   Yesterday I went to a Mextesol meeeting and when I came home he greeted me at the gate from inside the yard.  Yep, someone had brought him home.  Today he had a bath and we discovered his nails are trimmed nicely so he must belong to someone.  We took pictures and will hang a couple of posters here and at the vet in hopes we find his owner.  If not, he will go up for adoption before we leave for the holidays.

And speaking of holidays, the tree is finished and we will enjoy it over the next few weeks.  The cats look at it in amazement although they no it is off limits and they always respect that.   

I have a new list of things to get done before we take off near the end of December.  Lots of things on the rv need to be done and also the house.  We think we found a roofer who will remove the roof tiles, repair any cracks and, here's a word most people won't know in Spanish although very popular, impermeabilizar the roof.  Same word in English but a bit difficult to pronounce.   They no longer use chapapote (tar) but new rubberized coatings with a mesh underlay.  They come with a five to ten year warranty depending on the product.

In Mexico, we will now have digital television.   I may have told you that people over 65 receive a stipend from the state in addition to their pension and social security.   Now, those same people, if they apply, will receive a flat screen LED television so that they can enjoy digital television.  Pretty cool, isn't it?


  1. So cute! I hope you find his Owner!!! The tree looks great! Yes, very cool!

  2. Love the tree....making me homesick!!!