Thursday, November 6, 2014

Having Good Guests

I haven't been posting since Teresa and Derek have arrived because we have been busy having fun.   It is always nice to have good guests and we've always had them.  I could make a list.  You could be on that list too if you decide you want to stop by.

We've been through much of  Santiago and yesterday we went to Monterrey.   I had plans to show them the river walk and the Museo de Historia but Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were here for a visit.  All those areas were cordoned off.   It was misting and sometimes heavy so we got a little damp.  

Overall we had a great tour and we still have today to do something else.  Not sure yet but I always find something.   

As we say in Spanish, "lo voy a ceder a Teresa".    I'm going to yield to Teresa and you can see all the great pictures she has taken of all of us and their little sweetie Cassia.  I forgot the camera one day, and yesterday I had the battery but left the battery in the charger.  So please visit:

A Life Made Simple  to see all the fun we have had over the last week.


  1. Great pics on Life Made Simple.....Marilyn

  2. Glad you are enjoying your time with them.

    I guess Charles and Camilla brought the rain with them from England. Can't go anywhere without it you know!