Saturday, November 1, 2014

Back In Civilization
Came home yesterday.  I left San Antonio at 7 a.m. with all my work completed but the rental and my job.  No more work until the Spring.  I stopped in Laredo, Tx and picked up our friends Teresa, Derek and their daughter Cassia.  They have a Class B and they followed me down and through Monterrey.  Downside was that they had to follow me on the truck route through town which isn't the best or better said are the worst roads in the city.   We also hit a detour to boot which didn't make it any easier.  All's well that ends well and we spent a great evening here at the house.
Today, we are off on a tour of Santiago, the waterfalls and more.  It is so good to be back where things make sense.  No political correctness for me.   We are spending the winter here in Mexico.  Period.
Pictures of our weekend adventures to come.


  1. Have fun. We're also looking forward to being back in Mexico. Almost finding it strange being back in the U.S., but that's a discussion for another day! Hi to Derek and Teresa!

  2. Enjoy! Last night I was bored and went through some pix, had some great ones of the falls at full strength--so beautiful. Wish we were there.

  3. Welcome home, and visitors from Canada to boot. Relax and enjoy.