Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rvers Stop By For A Visit


Last time Bonnie and Bill passed through it was snowing.  They had stayed one night at our place in Campestre Monte Sur.   We didn't get to visit long and the weather that night was bad so we left them only to wake up with an inch and a half of snow.  They left that morning and headed to warmer climes.   Ths time around they are staying for a few days and are parked at our place in Allende.  Kevin and Ruth have stayed there and I think someone else.   I need to start writing down visitors and when they come.  The big palapa is in good shape and the grass is cut.  No power but they have solar and a generator.  We took them to the main plaza where they invited us for dinner.  They said it was cold last night but very quiet.  This is the main palapa that we share with neighbors there.  

Today we went to the Cola de Caballo (Horsetail Falls) to see the waterfalls.  Still flowing strong after the rains two weeks ago.   We took a tour of the hotel and the views from there as well as Santiago's main plaza and lookout over the lake.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will head to Monterrey and then for dinner here at the house.   It's fun having guests.   I wish we could take the rv down there with them and spend the night.   Anyway, more pictures to come and we're glad they are staying for a few days.

Here is the Christmas tree that is all lit up and we are enjoying the living room with the colder weather.  Usually it is too hot and we hunker down in the bedroom when we are here in the summertime because of the heat. 


  1. More guests getting the royal treatment from you guys. Nice that they could see the falls! Do they have a blog?

  2. Love the tree. FYI I think it was Norma & Croft!