Monday, November 10, 2014

Cold Front To Hit Mexico

Juan had his sisters over during the weekend.  Just as things were getting started we received a call that a family member had passed away.     A niece's mother-in-law had been in the hospital recovering from a kidney infection caused by diabetes.   Later on in the afternoon, Juan took his sisters for a late lunch.
The weather is changing, along with the Artic Blast from the north we will be receiving our share too.  It is supposed to drop to 5C here at the house on Wednesday night.   I'm watching the local news now for an update.  I have a feeling the forecast will change and it might be a bit colder.
Juan had an event in the city today.  He promoted a scholarship program and Programa de Activacion Social (PASA) providing information about other programs available to parents of children enrolled in school.  He had quite a crowd and was well-received.
I had a minor accident of some kind.  I woke up Saturday with an irritated right eye.  I cleaned it with a warm salt water solution and also used manzanillo tea compresses.   They relieved the pain but not much changed.  This afternoon I took advantage of the IMSS social medicine.  I am assigned to afternoon appointments and checked in to desk number 2.  She asked me what was wrong and took me to the emergency room.  There was a line and most people like me were not really emergencies.  She signed me in and it took all of a 20 minute wait to see a doctor.  He said there was some inflammation and it was caused by a scratch on the inside eyelid.   Something must of gotten in there and I rubbed my eye.  Hurts like hell but there is no infection and no problems with vision.  He gave me some drops which started to work right away.  Very nice staff and I think it might work out well for me in the future.  I have an appointment with my private cardiologist before our trip and that will help me to make the decision to drop my private insurance.
And now for the photo of the year.  This picture was taken on the streets of Monterrey over the weekend.  How this happened I'll never know.  Not sure if you can make it out, but they are black and the mother in African headdress asking for money on the street.  Definitely not blacks from Veracruz.

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