Friday, November 21, 2014

We Survived "Dia de la Revolucion"

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.  We had Monday off following suit like those in the U.S.  It made for a great weekend.  Tuesday at school we had a the kermesse  or ice cream social and a reenactment of the Revolution by primary students.  I have pictures but don't have the camera with me.

That aside, you know we are in the midst of a social and political crisis.   With the disappearance and unconfirmed deaths of the 43 Normalistas (student teachers) from Ayotzinapa there have been protests all over Mexico.  Many Revolution celebrations and parades were cancelled to avoid problems.  Here in Monterrey, thousands of Mexicans flocked to the center of the city to display their anger.  One thing of interest is that in Monterrey there was no violence whatsoever.  In interviews with people in the downtown area last night who were waiting for buses that were diverted because of protesters most said the following, "Nosotros los Regiomontanos, somos muy pasivos.  Las manifestaciones tienen razon pero bien ordenados y organizados".  (We are Regiomontanos (people from Monterrey) and we are passive people.  The demonstrators are here for a reason but they are orderly and organized).

It all ended well and people were able to vent their frustrations.   Lots of misinformation going around and on social media.  The events in Mexico City last night were not as they were portrayed in the news.  Yes, there was some violence but limited.  The Normalistas pleaded with the encapuchados (masked protesters) to take off their masks and not destroy or cause injury to person or things.   The media had a hay-day and only showed the small groups of violent demonstrators.  

And BTW, presidents rarely resign.  I can't even find a list apart from Nixon so don't expect the Mexican president to step down.  


  1. The citizens of Mexico should be outraged and upset. This incident ("unconfirmed deaths"?) clearly shows the extent of the corruption of the political/justice/police system by narco money.

  2. Too bad the media didn't show - although I'm not sure they didn't - the peaceful demonstrations. Sadly, the violence makes for better TV.

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  4. I only wish the people in the USA would demonstrate over the school shootings in their country and demand action by the government.