Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Week In Review

Day of the Dead is celebrated all month.  These are murals painted by teachers who work in the administration building at the SE (Secretaria de Educacion)

Juan is overseeing a mailout of 20,000 debit cards to parents of children who receive a stipend towards their education.  Depending on the type and level, the money could be from 500 to 2000 pesos.  Almost all people now receive money via bank transfer for payroll and any governmental transaction.

The cold weather hit us hard this year and early.   We had a low the other night of 3C.  For us in the month of November that was unexpected.  People were bundled up and kids showed up to school with blankets.   Believe it or not, the school where I am working this month and next, the students abandoned their blankets and coats after the first 30 minutes of class.  Imagine 25 adolescent bodies in a classroom with all the metabolism burning calories, it warmed up pretty fast.  More cold weather is on the way this next week with a drop to a possible 0C out here in the campo.  This was a picture of our pan dulce to go with hot chocolate.  These two pieces of very good carrot cake, hojo de buey and galleta, came to 25 pesos, or about $1.85.  You can't beat Mexico for food prices.

We had a nice breakfast out before going shopping today.   This weekend is Buen Fin.  Merchants put an approved sign that says they are participating in the event.   It is to attract customers to local businesses both small and large since Black Thursday is coming.  Funny part is, lines at the Laredo and McAllen bridges were four hour waits today!   Why?  Monday is also a holiday so people are taking advantage of the three day weekend or puente.   Doesn't matter, the stores are packed and people were camped out last night and this morning.  We treated ourselves to a new tankless hot water heater.   We need to get it installed.   That was all we bought and we just drove to the edge of town as we wanted to avoid the traffic.   

I did a lot of things around the house yesterday so tomorrow is undecided.  I may go for a long walk in the morning and then kick back the rest of the day.  In the evening we are going to a surprise birthday party for Juan's brother Carlos.  

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  1. Yikes! That is cold! Yup - the pastries here are good and affordable - we had pay de queso, a galleta, pound cake and another item…..yummy!