Friday, November 7, 2014

Off To Warmer Climes

The Woods; Teresa, Derek, Cassia and Rufus drove down the road this morning.  The weather here is still a bit stinky although the rains have let up.   Catch up with Teresa's blog and you'll see they headed south to Linares and taking a right turn headed for Galeana, San Roberto and then south on Highway 57.   

We talked last night about the two big paradores (rest stops) San Pedro and Potosino which are both before the big toll booth entering San Luis Potosi.   They might have stopped sooner at Matehuala but we'll see after she posts on the blog.

It was a fun week having people in the house.   We had the opportunity to return the hospitality after they had hosted us at their provincial park outside of Merritt, British Columbia in May of this year.   Having Cassia in the house added to the fun as she was always playing with her toys or watching her videos and able to tolerate my impatience.   She was a good trouper as I dragged them out in the rain to see Monterrey and I'm sure they will remember our great city.

We enjoyed their visit and the wonderful conversations that came along with it not to mention all the meals and happy hours  as well as the things we saw and did in Canada, other bloggers and our upcoming trip to Mazatlan. 

Thanks for stopping by guys.  We are now preparing for a weekend with Juan's sisters who will be celebrating their birthdays together.  Juan will take them all out for lunch tomorrow.  

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  1. Ha! No comments! You guys were so kind to put up with the Wood Clan for an entire week! What a lovely home you two have! Thanks again! Our travels were good on Friday - we ended up at a Pemex in the middle of nowhere - all was ok. Went a bit sieways starting Saturday but enjoyed Guanajuato. Will get a post up tomorrow. Too bad it was foggy through the mountains but still neat. T