Friday, February 13, 2015

South Padre Island With The Nova Scotians

We came up to South Padre Island to visit with Paula and Jerry.  They came down for a month to stay at the island while our friends Dana and Gene are out of town.  Lots to celebrate over the weekend and we are already having a blast.

We got a great deal for the weekend and when I booked it I didn't even know we were in the same building as Paula and Jerry.  It really worked out well.  They are on the fifth floor and we down on the second.  The condo is a spacious one bedroom with a nice living and kitchen area, full bath and the place has recently been remodeled.  Beds are comfortable and there are two big screen televisions with a DVR and a balcony with a great view of the Schilliterban next door.  

The weather is sunny and warm during the day.  It was 70F this afternoon and the evenings are cool.  We had a great Mexican breakfast and lunch and did some looking around at different rv parks in the area and the Long Island Resort which we all agreed was very nice.  Filled with canals lined with rvs and park models.  

After a nap we got together at our place and ordered  pizza from Da' Pizza Joint here on the island.  They have fantastic pizza and home delivery.   We chowed down and talked about all things rving and travel.  Tomorrow Ulli and Heinz are coming down from Harlingen to have dinner and spend the night.   Can't wait.


  1. Let the fun continue! What a treat to have you two here on the island with us. You are so right; we have much to celebrate tomorrow! Bring it on!

  2. Not fair I wanna be there!!!! Rain for three days in SMA but life is still good enjoy everyone cheers les

  3. But J&P........who is shovelling out the driveway while you are away?? Have fun you crazy people!!!!! Hugs all around.

  4. Back in the 'day' we stayed at the Long Island Resort for 8 weeks when it was under different ownership.....It was great!!!! You could buy a lot then for $16,000.!!!!