Monday, May 4, 2015

Beat The Thunderstorm and Hail

We had a great weekend with friends celebrating birthdays.   We also had a chance to visit our tenants only to find out that they love the house and it is in pristine condition.   They purchased their own lawn mower and weed eater saying they want to do the yard work themselves.   They have made some minor improvements and I am ordering an a/c maintenance tuneup.   

They showed me their new washer dryer acquisition in the garage.   They told me there was no dryer vent outlet.  What?  Not sure what the other tenants did but no one ever said a word.   I went to Lowe's and bought a longer vent hose and a vent wall outlet.  

There is also a lot of ground movement in the area, always has been.   I don't like cracks and like to stay ahead of them.   Sure enough, there were the normal settling cracks in the corners of the windows in the master bedroom.   I found someone to fix that and replace the sheet rock.  The last two attempts to tape and float doesn't seem to have done the job.

We did some shopping, bought some grass seed and fertilizer only because we were there and it hit us in the face.  "Do it now" is the slogan.   We hit some garage sales and picked up a few things to further clutter the house.   We saw an estate sale as well and it was a gold mine.   

The hotel in Laredo was exceptional and the one in San Antonio marginal.  I'm pretty critical of hotels and I guess the San Antonio was pretty good but could use some minor improvements or suggestions.  

We drove home with an overcast sky.   I started out a bit sleepy but by the time we hit the border I was wide awake.  We took off at 8:25 and arrived at 2:35.   It was a fast trip and a good one coming home.   No issues of any kind on the road except for after we unloaded the car.   A huge "tromba" or downpour hit.   Soon I could hear ice hitting the dome in the entry way.  Sure enough, it was pea-sized hail.

That's all for now.


  1. Sounds like a busy time but know ing you you both has fund doing it all. DId you pick anything up at the estate sale? Nice to have renters who really care. Maybe one day they will want to buy the house from you.

  2. Yes, good deal with the renters! It looks like they will be taking care of the house.

    Hail in Mexico??! In May?!! Just kidding.

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