Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Weather, A Lonely Cat, And Then Me

Another vegan whole wheat I made today.  I mixed two different flours together, one finer and one on the course side.   Provided more body yet it's still soft and I think it will stay moist longer.  I've gotten pretty good at this.   If I had more yeast I would make another loaf tomorrow.

The weather has held up the last two days.   Mostly overcast but the sun has shone it's face in the mid-morning or early afternoon.   More is on it's way and the humidity is unbearable.   This afternoon I turned on the A/C in the bedroom for a nap and this is where I have stayed.   The pool is nice now as long as you can stay in the water.   Mosquitos are everywhere.  We may have to purchase the mosquito killer that Kevin and Ruth have recommended from Amazon.

Found this guy on the road working away.  Wouldn't budge no matter how close I got.

Little Bit is lonely these days without Missy.   He sleeps while we're gone during the day and then when we're home he is like glue on paper.  I like that and I am glad he wants the attention.   I think he is getting used to the idea though.   I check the cameras and you can see he doesn't go outside much.   But when he here's the gate open he comes running out to greet me.   Good cat.

As for me, summer is here and I still haven't found anything interesting to do.   School is winding down and I have told them that December may be the end.   It's time to do other things besides working at least what now feels like a regular job.   Although I make my own hours and usually only go 3 hours per day, I feel like I'm tied down.   Not sure what will come next.   I still have a few more years to catch up with social security and I want that to be done so that I know we will have some additional income.  

I was thinking the other day that we should sell the SUV and the trailer and just take short trips to places we like.  I think I was feeling sorry for myself and by the time the day was over all that b.s. had passed.  I wouldn't let this baby go for anything.   We may get a good rv cover though, I don't like it just sitting there in the weather.

Hurricane season is upon us, early this year.  They are predicting six big ones  and they are already making preparations in Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon.   Great, I love rain.  :)


  1. Your bread looks great! You are becoming quite the baker now.

    It can't see you selling the Funfinder or any trailer for that matter, you enjoy that life too much. Kevin and I have said that same thing about Sherman but we love the life too, so we are trying to do both. Some places we will fly to and explore and then head back to Sherman and spend time traveling in him and then fly somewhere else. The best of both worlds.

  2. LIfe is short. Live each day to the fullest and do what you want to do. The nanny job for the girls here is still open and the site next to us on the Isla is still available. Good to hear that you and Lil Bit are cuddling.