Saturday, May 9, 2015

Procrastination - A Wonderful Thing

You reach a certain point in life where you just really don't give a hoot about whether things get done or not.  I realize now that they do get done and that some guilt for not having an agenda, a list, or some other b.s. excuse doesn't affect me anymore.

I can think of four things that I said I would do this weekend and I haven't even touched them.  They are all about work stuff and getting paid.   So what if the money isn't in the bank.  If I don't need it, then does it really matter when I get paid?   

Put off until tomorrow what you could have done today.  If you die today, let someone else figure it out.

On another note, the rain just doesn't let up.  This week though, they got most of the water lines on the street tested and they all prove good and ready to go.  Another contractor will be here soon to start on the drainage.  That won't be good.   That will run down the middle of the street and that means blocking things off for days at a time.   Oh who cares, we can always move to the house in town and be done with it.  Not my worry anyway.   I got them to agree to pave the street after 12 years of fighting, let somebody else take up the sword.

The only downside to all of this is that there is an rv sitting in the driveway that isn't getting any use.  We're already talking about summer but waiting for the elections on June 7th.   We may have an independent candidate winning the slot for governor of Nuevo Leon.  This guy is a fighter and has a reputation for honesty.   Once elections are done, we can make some decisions about the next couple of years.   If I repeat myself mea culpa.   If things go the way we are hoping, he will be asking for a six-month permit every year which will allow hims six months working and six months off.  Yahooo!!!!

But for now, summer and a few weeks are good for me.  It is probably going to be Real de Catorce, San Miguel de Allende and somewhere in Jalisco with a few days in Guadalajara.   Texas is way too hot but at the same time, the west Texas mountains are attractive too.

I found this company, Jucy Rentals that offers a low-cost camping option.  They have three pickup locations in the western U.S.  Maybe a California escape would be fun too.  There rates are lower than a motorhome or Class B but still a bit high.   Time is still an issue for us.   


  1. Send some of that rain our way...we're off to a dry start to the season up here at Cabri!

  2. What is your plan for Real de Catorce? Hotel? No RV through the tunnel.

    1. Hi Croft. There are two great spots, one is halfway up the road to Real where they filmed a movie a few years ago, and then before the tunnel where the buses park. We stayed there one night and it was worth the drive up. Shake, rattle and roll, but if we take it slow we're in good shape.

    2. That little town where they filmed the movie is neat. We stopped there for water as the car was boiling over on the way up. Someone showed us where there was a water tap in the small plaza.

  3. At least you have options, the ability to dream and plan and the energy to act on what ever you decide. Enjoy each day, that is what counts.