Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lazy Sunday and Basketball

I goofed a bit yesterday and paid the price.  I've done some major diet changes since the end of the year.  I've left many food items that I used to love and really don't miss them.  Then yesterday, after a hectic morning driving around Monterrey, I decided to pick up Chinese.  It included meat (not on the list anymore) and greasy food (oil is out of the picture as well).  About four in the morning I got the call.   I was up after that.  Sorry for the details but I learned my lesson.  Back to what I now enjoy and have lost weight and lowered my blood pressure as well.

Some good friends of ours, invited us to their son's basketball game.  He plays for the state of Nuevo Leon (high school).  They played against Sinaloa here in town.   I wanted to go and hem hawed around about it.  The game started at 8 a.m.  At 8:10 I said, "let's go".   I hopped in the shower and off we went.  It's not far as it is on the southern edge of Monterrey.   We got there for the second half and what a game it was.   I'm not big on American football, soccer is okay but basket has always been a sport I liked.   Good memories as a kid and also my years in San Antonio and being a Spurs fan.

Cheerleading team with the star player!

After game wrap up and major pigout.

Great game and Nuevo Leon won.   We headed out for a celebratory breakfast with our friends and that was Sunday.  I came home, took a very long sleep instead of a nap recovering from my malady.  I got up, and believe it or not, my blog post yesterday on procrastination got me off my butt and I have been working for the last three hours.   Sometimes that's what it takes. 

BTW, if you have time and want to hear a great podcast, log into The Rv Summit and listen to Kevin and Ruth about how they got their start in fulltiming along with their full story.   You'll love it.  There are some other good talks on there too, if I may recommend one with Mike & Marcia Neundorfer.

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  1. Sometimes it takes a step backward to be ready to take a couple more forward. Just don't start feeling guilty about it just move ahead ;-)