Friday, May 15, 2015

I Need A Summer Job

It's been five months since the rv has left the driveway.  The road will not be paved tomorrow, but they have made progress and the water lines are in.  Now we are waiting for the bidding on the sewer and drainage.   The road is in good enough shape to take the Funfinder out.  

I need a summer job for two reasons.  One is to get out of the heat for the summer so it could be in the U.S. or Mexico.  Second, it would be best in the U.S. so that I can get a W2 for the hours I put in.  That would go towards increasing my social security which, by the way, has increased by 400 dollars since I have taken on work in Texas high schools.  This Spring was very very slow though as the SAT and ACT tests are being changed to computer-based tests.  

I had found a job as a camp director for overweight kids.  The HR person was very interested in me, so much so she put me in contact with the camp owner (they have several camps around the U.S.).   I started to interview with him via Skype but the signal wouldn't keep up, he got busy and so did I.  It was good money though, five weeks for $7000 plus room and board and expenses.   

I've been checking Craigslist. The stint we did at Hacienda Contreras was truly the best because the weather was fantastic.  Cool summer air and thunderstorm every afternoon at nap time. 

So if you know of anything I am willing to travel. 


  1. You could always come up to Maine and volunteer in the National Wildlife Refuges.... it's not hot there and keeps a person in shape ;-)

  2. I think you would have been good at the summer camp and a great salary. Wish I had the bucks to hire you as a dog nanny this summer. The girls get depressed when we work all day.

  3. I could do that job!!!! and gladly! Take the girls for rides in the Princesa, keep an eye on the lake during the day :)

    1. ...and possibly after 4PM pour me some vino :)