Monday, May 25, 2009


What a short but fantastic visit to Aguascalientes. I gave an opening speech to teachers at the Panamericana University on Saturday. I arrived on Friday around noon. I flew into Leon, Guanajuato and took an autobus over to Aguascalientes. The bus ride was about one and a half hours and the ride was incredible. The highway is high tech, very smooth and only two toll booth stops. I watched part of "The Notebook" with Gena Rowlands. The bus ride was so quiet I fell asleep. I have started this movie several times but have never seen the whole thing. I love Gena Rowlands, I don't think she gets the recognition she deserves though.

Here are two shots of the university campus. Very nice place. It is on the outskirts of town and there are lots of new middle and upper middle class neighborhoods going up around it. I was surprised to see prices starting at 8000 pesos a month, not heard of here in Monterrey. Try 25,000 pesos for starters for the same homes.

I had time on Saturday to go for a walk around the plaza and take some photos. Aguascalientes is a very clean city. It is well-known for its extremely lower corruption rates, so much so Nissan relocated to Aguascalientes from the North of Mexico. Other companies have started their factories here as the government officials have open arms and enjoy the employment they bring with them.

In the plaza here at the cathedral, you can see the horse carriage waiting for a newly married couple. I hung around for a while but they took too long coming out of the church.

This is also where the presidencia municipal is located. As you can see, the interior is beautiful.

There are many murals on the interior walls with the history of Mexico.

City law requires all office buildings to separate their rubbish into plastic, metal, etc.


  1. Love the murals in Mexico! Sadly a lot of them are not well maintained.

  2. Aguascalientes is on my list of places I want to see. This list is getting shorter so I will have to find more places to put on it!

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