Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swimming Pools, RVs and Heat!

I guess it's true when they say all things get better with time. I have just had so much going on at one time and it seems like it is one thing after another. I try not to let it get to me but it does. So the pool was filled, when the worker attempted to turn on the filter nothing happened. The motor ran and water never moved. Now what! I was really pulling out my hair. Then I remembered something. Oh sh--! How stupid can I be? Should I answer that? Oh, you guys know me so you know I'm not the smartest bird on the planet. When I first had the pool tested, the knitwit architect said he had to cut the return line. He also said he would repair it once they had opened up the deck. That was four months ago. Now I remember! We started digging, not much, about 2 feet and there was the open return pipe. All good so far, an easy fix. So the line is repaired and I was being told it just won't work. I went out there, using my under the breath vocabulary, and it started right up. Wow! I actually did it. The return pipe is not quite right though but a little tightening and adjusting and it will all be back to normal. At least I know that everything is working.
Now on to rvs. I have seen more posts the last two months about the rv industry. Why it is doomed, why it won't get better and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Some real truth to all of this. As I asked in one thread, Where are all the great U.S. engineers and designers? We all know that the only thing that has changed in the last 20 years of rving is that rvs have gotten bigger and heavier with up to six slideouts now. Bigger. Oh, I already said that. You can't push a 22,000 lb box down the road at 70 mph and expect miracles.
Where are the innovations folks. I know that there might be some limitations but come on now. Hi-Lo, Trailmanor, Chalet and Aliner make some frail attempts at low profile rving but they don't have any reason to change. They are a niche market and their products are price prohibitive. A new Trailmanor 3326 lists for over $35,000. We had one, used of course. It had a lot of good things going for it, but it also had some downsides that everyone would talk about on the TM forum. Finally, TM took notice of the owner's forum and took many of the suggestions and ran with them. I really find it hard to believe that no other TT manufacturer cannot come up with a better design over the Hi-Lo. The darn thing even has a slideout. But they're noisy, expensive and their curtain bathroom walls really need a makeover.
What are the rv manufacturers thinking??????????????????????????????????
So now it's on to the heat. It's hot. What else can I say. This week 100 to 104, no rain, no clouds. This is May. What's going to happen in August. So my thing for the future is not to be here in the summer. Winters here are amazingly mild and really beautiful weather. Why even our early spring where the trees come back in February. But by the end of April it is time to haul ass out of here until October.
Hey, it turned out to be a great day if these are the most of my worries. Sorry no pics today. I need to carry the camera around with me, I don't like leaving it in the car while I am running errands.

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