Friday, May 8, 2009

A Check On The Land

We got up early this morning and decided to head out for some tacos and a quick tour of some property. Under the bridge in El Cercado you can find Tacos Mundo. Some of the best jalepeƱo de queso tacos around. I had two of those, two desebrada and one picadillo. Delicious!

Down the highway we went, the Hwy 85 has been widened and repaved all the way from Monterrey to Allende. As we arrived to Allende and got to our place in Los Corceles, we realized that it was already 90 degrees, and we're talking 10:30 in the morning. Wow it is really hot here.
The place in Allende is in good shape, I forgot to take a picture of the skirting that was done last month. The grass was cut and in good shape and we did a walk around talking about how we are going to accomodate the land.

After that, we headed down to our club, Monte Sur, just south of Montemorelos. Man has it gone through some major changes. We all pay dues based on the number of lots we own and maintenance, remodeling and updates are done based on the monies available. It is so nice now we are thinking about selling Allende and moving to the club. We owe nothing on it, and the monthly fees are 25 dollars plus electric and water and entitles us to the club facilities year round. There are only 10 couples living there full time so winter would make it our place. Out of the 4000 lots, only 25 have a permanent structure on it. So most people use it during Semana Santa and summertime for camping and swimming. The nice feature is that the club facilities and the 100 palapas and grills are 1.5 kms from our piece of land, no noise, no trouble, just peace and quiet.

Here are the remodeled bathrooms with a steam room in both the men's and women's bathrooms:

On the way home, we saw another good example of Northern palapa building. This was is with premolded columns, steel or wood trusses and the galvanized tile roof panels.

So it appears that maybe the plan will change. Hey, with us you never know.

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