Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rolling Homes Comes to Town


What a surprise to receive a call from Mike and Terri Church. They were passing through Monterrey checking out rv parks. They were spending the night at the Imperial Hotel in Saltillo and drove down for the day for lunch and a quick look at Bahia Escondia (http://www.bahiaescondida.com/ ).

We met at the main plaza in Santiago, N.L. at Las Palomas restaurant, a well-known landmark restaurant and hotel. We spent all afternoon talking about rving in Mexico, roads, rules, experiences and Mexican law.

Mike and Terri are great people and they write the most famous book on rving or camping in Mexico "Travelers Guide To Mexican Camping". They have a website http://www.rollinghomes.com/ . They are a treasure trove of information and we learned quite a bit about the rv market in Mexico. We don't spend much time in rv parks so Mike and Terri gave us a very enlightening talk about how good many Mexican rv parks really are and the improvements that are taking place and what to expect in the near future.

We also expressed our desire to develop an rv park here in the area and the reasons why we felt, as a business, it just wasn't feasible.

Lots of chuckles, story-telling and personal experiences here on the road. It was good time had by all and I hope we meet up again, but the next time on the open road.

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  1. I am curious to know what Mike and Terri think of the outrageous $600 Peso per night rate charged at the Bahia Escondia.