Friday, May 1, 2009

Pool Leak Found

We haven't used the pool all winter because there was a leak. The water level would drop two to three inches a day. We waited until winter, emptied the pool and then watched our electric bill drop to almost nothing. One reason was because we finally passed six months with less than 400 kwhs per month. So our rate now is next to nothing. Gotta watch the air conditioning now.

Turns out that the leak was caused by tree roots. The previous owner had planted huge trees all around the pool. Since then, we have removed all but two shade trees and replaced the rest with palms. Lesson learned for the next house we build if we ever want a pool. Never say never.

You can see in the picture how the roots literally broke the joint apart.

These guys are brothers and work for the water department. They have taken their on the job training and experience and are slowly forming a business finding water leaks and repairing them. I am very impressed with their work so far. Considering today is Labor Day in Mexico, when most people stay home and do nothing, these guys are hard at work in the 95 degree heat. Good thing is we have heavy cloud cover and a soft breeze which helps a lot. Once in awhile, I get lucky and find someone who can help me fix something and do it well.

This is good news, I want to have the pool ready for SOs homecoming on Thursday. I can start cleaning the pool a.s.a.p. and not get in these guys way.

Oh, and take a look at this. This little fella was living in the drain for quite sometime. He came out with the vibration from breaking the cement. No wonder Missy the kitty has been hanging out around the pool. For weeks now I couldn't figure out what the attraction was. Did you ever have this problem with your kids?

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  1. Is that just a regualar snake that crawled out of the drain?We saw our first rattler of the season while walking down by our river here in the south okanagan,ugh it was about 4 feet long!