Monday, May 4, 2009

I Finished The Day Victorious!

What a day. It started out pretty stinky and has ended pretty darn good! I got up early today and headed to the gym. I had a feeling it would still be closed but I prepared myself to go running in the park that runs the length of Las Torres Ave. Sure enough the gym was closed so I left my car at the OXXO and took off.

I started thinking about all the things on my "to do list" (pendientes) and I felt overwhelmed. I was determined to get that pool cleaned and filled if it killed me. I got home, showered and headed to my neighbor's house to see if their caretaker was going to help me out. I had mentioned it to him several times during the weekend. He had taken off for Allende to help someone else. Fine.

That's when it hit me. I had stopped using bad language after I came back from McAllen. I was told in McAllen by "you know who" that I have a filthy mouth, I could even out beat a sailor. Well, it's true but when you are small you mouth becomes mighty. I learned that early on. Under by breath I used all the dirty words I know is Spanish that started with "P", "C", and "J". I got in the car, I went into town and bought 4 meters of hose, four gallons of acid, and a push broom type brush.

I got in the pool and I started. And I didn't stop until it was done. I turned on the water, I added the chlorine and let the water rip.

After a short cold shower, I drove over to the guy in El Faisan to have the lawnmower fixed. I had stopped by coming back from the gym but I was told he didn't open until 11 a.m. No wonder the bum charges so much so he can make up for working a short day. Well, he was there reading the newspaper and I asked him how long it would take. "Oh, about a week more or less". I grabbed the mower and headed for the car and told him that just wouldn't do. Again, under my breath, I used all the nasty and foul words I could think of starting with "P", "C", and "J" in Spanish and then my usual litany of words in English and I don't need to tell you what those are. All of a sudden he came running after me and said, "uh, I can have it tomorrow if you'd like". Oh, so now we are using "usted" a sign of respect. "That's better". "I'll be back the same time tomorrow".

As I returned home with my porta-envases (the little CocaCola carrier for six soda bottles) in the car I stopped by the Super 7 to get four cold beers and some diet coke (great combo, right!).

The first thing I heard out of the clerk's mouth was, "we don't have any Carta Blanca in medias (regular size bottle)". Well, you know what started going this old gringo's head and I don't need to repeat it. I said, "you mean to tell me that you don't have any Carta Blanca after I drove all the way here for just four cold beers?". "You'd better check in back". And they did. And they produced for ice cold Carta Blancas that I put in my little red porta-envases.

I went home, fixed a great lunch of chicken chorizo with eggs and beans and drank down one very cold Carta Blanca.

I have decided to continue using my usual repertoire of colorful language as it helps me get through the ------- day! (mostly under by breath).

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  1. There are so many things I love about Mexico and one of these things is that beer is kept so cold in the store! It is at least ten degrees colder than here in Canada.

    I wish I was back there...