Friday, June 19, 2009

Air and Bus Fares

Most of my flights are reserved at last minute. Why? The company usually waits to do it even though I let them know in advance. I receive the frequent flyer miles when I can remember traveling for the company in the U.S. and they took our miles and used them for executives' upgrades.
Los Mochis is a premium destination because it is a small town and there just aren't many flights. This trip ran 5300 pesos round trip just the air fare.
The executive bus from Monterrey to Torreon was 440 pesos round trip. A real deal, it is nice to let someone else do the driving.
I will post my fares on my upcoming trips as well as some of the past as I keep copies of all my trips.
Buses are really a fun experience in Mexico. There is so much competition that the prices are low and the quality of service above most other countries standards.


  1. I really like hearing about your trips and it all works.
    Nice pictures too.
    Bill and Sharon

  2. We love the Mexican bus system. The drivers are treated like demi gods in Country. Truly, these guys rule the road.