Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back From Torreon and Off To Los Mochis

Came back from Torreon yesterday (Wednesday) after my event at the university. I left the campus at 14:10 and arrived at the bus terminal at 14:20. When I got up to the counter the agent said they had a "primera" leaving at three. Wow, good news. But then she said that I could still catch the "ejecutivo" at 14:30. Even better! Much more comfortable as you can see in the picture below. First class cabin, large comfortable seats, overhead bins, individual lighting, air vents, head phones for movies and three music stations. Plus, you get a sack lunch; sandwich, chips and a drink.

I had heard on the radio in the taxi that there were two "bloqeos" on the highways leaving Torreon. The counter agent said she wasn't sure. Well, you can see that they were there but the Federal Police had them moved and only blocking one lane on each side. I guess people are fed up with "my rights" and don't want to tolerate this b.s. I say, "get a job, go to work". If you can't get one, go to school, it's free. No more hand outs.

Off we went out into the desert. It is a cruel place, but very beautiful. If you pass through here before April, it is really a trip. Great weather at night, cold in fact, and the mountain views and starry nights are worth the stop.

The new autopista from Monterrey to Saltillo is really taking off. They are probably at 50% completion and hoping for early 2010. They have bridges up, overpasses, tunnels, and on and off ramps paved. It really looks nice.

This morning I left for Los Mochis. Many flights here have been hacked so I had to leave at 7 a.m. instead of the usual and comfortable 3 p.m. flight. We had a stop over in Guadalajara where I had a light breakfast and then back on the plane to Los Mochis.

I will take pics around here tomorrow and this weekend. I will leave here on Saturday afternoon via bus to Culiacan where I will spend the night so I can arrive home earlier on Sunday. BTW, in Torreon they have excellent beef. I picked up eight rib eye and we will have one on Sunday. Can't wait.

Here we are on the plane from Guadalajara to Los Mochis.

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  1. Chris, would you mind posting fare prices for you trips? Would be interesting!