Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is This What A Last Meal Feels Like?


I think I mentioned that I bought some ribeyes at La Laguna Carniceria, famous for Coahuilan beef. I was a bit skeptical as I have seen hundreds of businessmen carrying those little frozen boxes of beef on the plane back to Monterrey.
Guess again, they're right! We started up our little 12 inch grill and cooked up two of the eight ribeyes we bought. Just like budda. So soft you could cut it with a fork. I used a steak knife but it was so tender, so delicious, flavorful, juicy. Well, you get the idea.

Here it is served up with some fresh brocoli, mushrooms and garlic bread. A glass of red wine to help in the digestive process.


  1. FIRST, where/more info on the BEEF!

    Thanks for posting price info in the travel threads.

  2. Some people sure know how to eat!

  3. Finding good beef in Mexico is a rarity. Well, I guess it just depends where you are. We have had great steaks in Corborca Sonora, but shoe leather in parts of Nayarit.

  4. Very nice....we are fortunate to have found great beef in Sonora too. When we lived in Nayarit it was bad. We were forced to shop only at Sam's and Costco. The other nice we had arachera you could cut with a fork. I love you blog!