Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When Is It Too Hot?

Today we hit 100 degrees. I was working out in the yard putting down some dirt and sod in bare areas and where they repaired the leak to the pool. I really worked up a sweat plus I gave the dog a bath. More on that in a minute.

So here I am downloading some pictures to post and I thought I would check the forcast since it is so hot. Today is nothing, Friday 113, Saturday 111, and Sunday a real relief giver the temperature will drop to 108. The heat isn't so bad, it is being stuck in the house with the air conditioner running. Not my lifestyle at all. Well, as I said the other day, we need to not be here in the summer starting next year.

Thank goodness for the pool. After working in the yard, doing the laundry and using the solar clothes dryer, giving the dog a bath, I decided it was time to get in the water and it was a welcome retreat. I guess I am complaining about nothing.

I also am having a big glass of this:

You won't see a picture of the dog. Right before her bath I discovered she devoured three perfectly good garden hoses. I found one last night and blamed it on the lawn mower and the gardner. But this afternoon sent me through the roof, she chewed holes in the other two hoses. So now "Friend" is in the dog house, well, actually she is resting under the trailer.


  1. I once had a dog that had an appetite for hose. It broke my heart, but I finally spanked her with one. From then on, she would take a wide berth around them. The back yard and pool look great!

  2. I too had a hose eating dog. What I did was tied a long section around his neck, he was a large dog. After I removed it a week later, he never went near a hose again.

  3. tie not tied, wish this thing had an edit feature. OR I just have to slow down and read more closely before I post.