Monday, June 22, 2009

Get Out And See Mexico

I'm hoping that some of my trips will encourage rvers to get out and travel Mexico this winter. By that I mean, drop that rig, take a bus and see some places you may not go with your rv. Side trips are fun and can break the monotony of those six months or the daily routine.
Buses are cheap, executive service is fantastic and you can literally leave the driving to someone else. This last trip to Los Mochis, I returned by bus to Culiacan (225 kms) to spend the night and catch an earlier flight back to Monterrey. The bus was 175 pesos, taxis back and forth were 40 pesos each, and you can find all kinds of hotels at every price and comfort level imaginable.

Your rig is safe in the rv park, you don't have to worry about getting around, driving in unknown territory, and once and for all your rving dreams can really come true. Hey, we all need a break from home once in awhile. Just my 2 cents on that topic.

Saturday night in Culiacan, I took a 40 peso taxi from the Microtel to the mall. They have a large cinema with 12 screens. I made a huge mistake and saw Star Trek. What a disappointment. What lousy acting, what terrible makeup or lack there of. I guess makeup is out now in Hollywood. These young guys and gals have really bad skin. The guy who plays Capt. Kirk really needs to use quite a bit.

I had some pasta at Italianni's with a glass of red wine before the show. Very good.

The next morning I got up, went to the gym at the hotel, had a quick bite at the continental breakfast. BTW, they have great coffee. I had three cups that morning. Then I took the hotel shuttle to the airport where I waited about 30 minutes before getting on the plane. I never get there early. I try to get there 30 to 40 minutes before the flight. These are small flights, not international and I check on bag and always have my boarding pass in advance.

On this particular flight we had great mountain views at 30,000ft. We landed in Monterrey at 11:30 a.m. I walked to the baggage claim, got my bag, went to the taxi counter and bought my ticket (a whopping 350 pesos, only in Monterrey, criminal). My taxi was waiting, a 2009 Chrysler Charger. The driver and I talked about the upcoming elections and all the commercials on TV. The elections have really turned into a marketing circus.

I came home to some friends who had spent the night to see AbbaMania near the house. They said it was a huge concert and every had a great time.
The edge of Monterrey meets farmland.

Mountain views from on high.

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