Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Got One! Pointer 2009

After an exhaustive search we finally found a car for city driving. It has taken several weeks but the search is over.

As you may know, here in Mexico there are many "sorteos" or raffles for cars, houses, condominiums, VCRs, televisions and irons. The most popular in the country is the Sorteo Tec which is sponsored by the Tecnological de Monterrey, one of the most prestigious universities in the Americas. The idea is to raise money for the school or organization as well as scholarship programs. Caritas is another institution that helps people who have no financial resources for operations, prothesis, food, shelter and clothing.

Most people who win the sorteo win a mansion (in the case of the Tec) plus around 300,000 dollars to maintain the house. Plus there are usually two other houses and a condo for the 2nd and 3rd prized and the list goes downward from cars to irons. In the case of cars, many people sell them for a much lower price than the market value.

Well, I found one. A 2009 Volkswagen Pointer 4 door hatch back with air conditioning and power steering. All I will say is that I bought it for about 38% below list price and in Mexico there is little negociation on new car sales like in the states. A very good deal and I have had three Volkswagen products in my life; bug, GTI and a Jetta. We almost bought a Chevrolet Optra but you just can't compare the two manufacturers in terms of quality and comfort. Just the sound of
closing the doors, trunk and hood make all the difference.

The car came new from the dealer and had 56 kms on it. It already has it's tenecia and plates paid.

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