Sunday, May 23, 2010

And Now, The Rest of the Story . . ..

I don't know why I get involved in this stuff, but I just can't stand not telling the whole story. This was posted by King of Kino on the Down below you will see a rough translation of what occured after the reported event. Although quite true and not good news for tourists or travelers, it is very important to report the whole story. This occured only three days ago and it goes to show that something is being done. The King of Kino has criticized Mexican journalism for being "yellow" and not reporting the truth. Well . . . . .

This is an aimportant story from La Jornada. Although the victims were not RV's they were tourists ( RV'rs are tourists) And it took place on Hwy. 200 near PV where many of us travel. Luckily most of us are NOB but this shows how any hwy. can be dangerous. The article also shows that should you be stopped do not try and evade them. A cell phone and your wallet are worthless if you are dead. This is a brief cut and paste in English. Hopefully this will not be deleted.

"Some 70 subjects dressed in black, with bulletproof vests and ski masks, set up a checkpoint in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday on the Tepic-Puerto Vallarta highway near the community of Las Mesillas in the municipality of Compostela, Nayarit and relieved some 15 people, most of them tourists, of their vehicles.The unknown subjects, armed with submachine guns, stationed cars with emergency lights and began to intercept luxury vehicles, whose occupants they robbed of their belongings. In trying to evade the checkpoint Lishen Ixshel Alcaraz was shot in the left shoulder but is in stable condition."

Now for the rest of the story:

Here's the latest on the assault near Las Varas
** direct google translation of article**
Thanks to the coordinated operations are managed to rescue 14 of the 20 vehicles stolen two days ago at a false roadblock
Tepic, May 21, 2010 .- As part of the ceremony to mark the Day of the Bureaucrat, Governor Ney Gonzalez Sanchez reported that thanks to the coordinated operations are managed to locate 14 of the 20 vehicles that two days ago, were stolen from a roadblock, by a criminal group.
"All we learned that two days ago there was an incident on the road to Las Varas de Compostela, similar to what happened in La Concha, Sinaloa and Plan de Barrancas-called, false roadblocks, which are made posing as police or military, to stop people carrying a truck of the type used by criminals. "
"Today I want, on behalf of the people and government of Nayarit, thank you because we sleep in our back roads to the agents of the State Police and Mexican army troops, who in joint operations, today, for the road that leads into a Brotherhood of Chocolón Xalisco-have found a place where criminals were these vehicles. "
"They are on the run, and the army and the police behind them, and have recovered, with the support of the armed forces and here I am grateful to General Garcia, and all State Police officers his heroic action, of the 20 vehicles are in possession of the State Government 14 of the 20 vehicles that had been stolen. "
He said the State Executive, Ney González, this returns us security, peace on our roads, and that makes us feel strong because we have the support of the Army and Navy.
"And so, working together, because we said that there are bad cops, and have also said that there are good cops who are willing to give our lives because we have security in our heritage and our family, who risked his life, restore calm to the people of Nayarit, which is why I ask that if you were to give an applause to the Governor, when his speech, I want that applause be given to the army and the police, the good part of the police today has recovered 14 of the 20 vehicles that had been stolen on the road, "concluded the Governor Ney Gonzalez.


  1. crap, we travel that road all the time. Hmmm, I have been giving a lot of thought how to make our truck unattractive to crminals.

  2. actually, Keith reminded me that we have been using the cutoff from San Blas to Las Varas more. But still think we will paint the truck with palm trees and a pink stripe...

  3. People of the World,
    I'm saddened to see whats happened to Mexico. I adore Mexico. Look, "if you are going to look, then you have see" Whats happened to Mexico is not new, remember before the US Civil war when people were sold like animals. Bad things have occured evrywhere through-out history. We are all at fault for whats going on in Mexico in one way or another. Grow-Up, lets stop this kid like bickering. If the US consumes the drugs it's like we are pulling the tigger ourselves, if we keep visiting Mexico we are providing opportunity for the bandits, and if we keep producing arms and selling them to anyone we may end up facing down the wrong end of one. It's everyones fault no matter how much you try to remove yourself from it. Wake up, we need to unite and demand a change. It's not a Mexican problem, it's a World problem!!!!