Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Accident Update

I'm going home on Friday, next Monday we take a letter to the police station that the lawyer (provided by the insurance company) sent us. I need to sign it and they will release the car for repair.

Now that I have had time to digest all the story it was a teenager with his little sisters in the car. They have no insurance and have offered a sum of money to fix the car but the report has been filed and the order in process.

Juan explained that if they had insurance they wouldn't be up the creek without a paddle. He's a pretty good gum shoe and did some investigation. The other car was a 98 Nissan Tsuru. He told the kid's stepfather that if he had paid a small sum of 600 pesos for liability insurance there would be no problem now in terms of a lawsuit, paying for damages, etc.

This is a good example, 600 pesos or 50 pesos a month. That is the price of two or three caguamas a month (quarts of beer). When will people learn?

I finished my grueling course and am now relaxing. Tomorrow I have time to do some sightseeing and may take a taxi out to the beach for some pictures. Ciudad Obregon is a very peaceful place and the people are wonderful.

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  1. Glad to hear things are working out as far as the accident and no one was seriously hurt.
    Interesting how fate always throws something at us when its least expected.