Friday, May 7, 2010

Mystery Solved

When we come to San Antonio we usually stay in our rv in the driveway of our neighbors house. Having sold the rv, we are staying at our neighbor's house. Sam is a long time friend of more than 25 years. His home has an addition of a family room and a master bedroom on the other side of the house and it keeps us from getting in each others way. Recently we recarpeted the master bedroom and made some changes to make it more comfortable when we come for our stays.

This master bedroom has a pitched roof with attic space. Sam told us he had recently heard a squirrel in the attic over the last couple of weeks. Well, it got so bad the last two weeks that we decided to get a trap. Over the last couple of days we patched the hole in the roof but as it turned out the squirrel was really a raccoon. We had seen him on several occasions this last week drinking from the bird bath on the patio. Because he couldn't get in the opening we sealed, he ate his way through a metal vent that provides circulation for the water heater closet. The trap was set last night, ready to go. We had a pretty good hunch that he was a she and had a nest of little ones.

I slept through the event, but Juan says he got up as soon as he heard a noise. He went outside with the camera and found the following:

He was able to take several pictures and also take cement block from the side of the house and stack them inside the water heater closet blocking their entrance. I know they are now working on a plan to find a new entrance. We now need to check the other attic vents and seal all the holes. I hope they don't take up residence in our house next door. Being nocturnal, they were up there working every night over our heads. We didn't hear much though, an occasional scurrying, but to imagine there were seven almost fully grown raccoons over our heads, Yikes!


  1. wow, I bet the attic is a mess. How do you clean something like that?

  2. Oh my God, how cute is that. I hope they find a new home. Sure you don't have room in your place? :)