Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Not much going on here. I havent posted this week as I am writing a course for TOEFL (test of english as a foreign language) that I will be presenting in Ciudad Obregon next Tuesday and Wednesday for the TEC. Its a lot of work but in the end it will be a fun thing.
Too much going through my head this week too. First off, if the punctuation stinks, its because my keyboard changes in Blogger now that I am using Mozilla. It goes through about three different configurations during the day. I havent figured it out and searching for the symbol keys is a lost cause.
I have lots of work for a retired guy. This Thursday and Friday I will be in Aguascalientes again, and as I said above, in Obregon next week. I finish next week again in Aguascalientes. Then we are off to Ohio on June 3rd for my brother and sister in laws 70th birthday party. After that, a short stint in Guadalajara.,
We talked a lot over the weekend about rving in Mexico and whether we should continue once we get a new rv. It is still up in the air. I know we can travel safely on major highways and toll roads such as the 57 to Queretaro and Mexico. That isnt my style. We like the back roads that take us through pine forests, small towns, spending the night on hidden pullouts, secluded beaches and ranches with the owners permission. It wouldnt be the same. Im not into long stretches of pavement and prefer the winding mountain roads with no shoulder. Beaches where in the month of December you see absolutely no one for two or three weeks unless you take a trip into town.
We like traveling in the U.S., mostly West Texas and New Mexico. There is something about Hwy 90, traveling through the desert, hot sometimes blistering heat but respite under the shade of a huge mesquite to take a nap with the overhead vent fans roaring to circulate the air. You wake up in a sweat but it is so quiet and calm you just lay there thinking about where you are. Sanderson, Marfa, Alpine and then into Terlingua and Study Butte ending up at the Terlingua Ranch on our acreage that is nothing but a squat of desert and dust. But we love it.
On this same route you keep your eyes peeled for abandoned rvs from yesterday like those wonderful aluminum aircraft Spartans. You would be surprised how many we have come across waiting for someone to pluck them from their deteriorating misery, polish them up and change out the old cedar linings. We have stumbled across ghost filled hotels like the one in Catarina, Tx where you can get out and actually peer through the windows to see what was once a grand hotel in the middle of Laredo and nowhere. Nobody bothers you, theres no one there. Next to it sits a 54 Spartan Royal, modified over the years but overgrown with weeds. Too good to be true. I could move right in, fix it up and stay there until the end spending my time looking for ghosts in the old hotel.
One other great trip would be the New Mexico State Parks, high elevations in the summer paying the annual out of state rate of 225 dollars for camping and 4 dollars a day for electric when you need it. What a deal. We stayed in Radium Springs and just watched the desert do what it does in the summer, a whole lot of nothing as it waits for the rains.
Anyways, Ive rambled enough and really think we need to solve this problem. One is getting an rv and the other is how we will make our travel plans in the future. I try to stay optimistic but as the days pass it seems to get worse and worse with no remedy in sight. I want to write so much here but now even I am afraid. I think they call that terrorism.


  1. Wow! I think we need to sit down with a bottle of vodka and talk about what is really going on...

  2. hmmmm... I think I live in a bubble down here. I hope things improve for you.

  3. Chris.. Remember, the greatest fear is fear itself... don't let it get you.

  4. Hello, I found you blog by hitting the "next blog" link.

    It's been cool & rainy (high 60's-low 70's) here in Central Ohio this last week. Next week it's supposed to be low to mid 80's and sunny all week. Hopefully the nice weather will continue for your trip up here.