Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trip To Tampico


Until I get an rv there won't be much news about boondocking. Let's hope we get this resolved in the next two months. My feet are itching.

I made it to Tampico but not after one of the most turbulent flights of my life. We were on a Embraer 145 that holds 50 passengers. There were only 15 on the flight. The flight attendant suspended service and after that it was rocky enough that with my overhead light on, I could see stuff falling down through the cracks. I assume it was dust but it sure looked like little pieces of insulation. The pilot slowed down the aircraft twice and that helped a bit.

If it were a movie it would have been called, "Death Trap 2010"

Once I arrived, they brought the luggage to the conveyor belt. The dogs were brought in and guess whose luggage was suspect? You got it. The soldiers took my bag apart, emptied my vitamin bag on the counter and had me explain what every one was for. When I finished they said as they checked my ID, no wonder you don't look 53. :) :)

I got to the Camino Real and relaxed with a quick drink before getting some shut eye. I just finished my breakfast with directors of local schools and am taking a nap before I take off for the airport. I fly to Mexico City and from there catch a flight to Aguascalientes.

The small reading lights on each side are giant LED bulbs. Very nice.

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  1. wow, the room looks great. I love bumpy flights.