Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Not" Finding An RV


While the house is up for rent and we are taking calls and doing showings we are on the search for an rv. It is tougher than I had thought.

No one is willing to negociate. I'm not looking for anything for free and am willing to pay a fair price.

I was surprised today to find a really nice Jayco Flight 23 FB that was taken in on a trade. They are asking 14,999 and even though NADA shows a low of 9370 and a high of 11370 they refuse to budge on the price saying the blue book is just a guide and that they pay more for their trades and the market is really doing well. It must be a San Antonio thing.

We can get the rv of our dreams for less if we are willing to drive to Florida to get it and the way it looks now we may just do that.


  1. Yes, they are lying to you! They took the trade in at low BB less $2,000 or 10% whichever is greater.

  2. Have you tried PPL in Houston? They sell trailers as well.


  3. Here is a good search engine, just click on mash at the top.


  4. This may not be very helpful, but there is the option of buying a refurbished bus. These guys are pretty good.


    If you can find a good priced on, you can then hire a carpenter to make your inside accommodations. It ended costing us around 15000, and we have a great rig. Good luck!

  5. Very cool banner! I like the look of that color red on the white RV. I would love to have an rv that looked like that. The trailer that I have is just plain white, but I guess I can't complain! The looks are not always the most important part. If it is RV parts that you are looking for, might I suggest trying Makarios RV? I have always bought my parts from them and the shipping is always fast. Try them out! http://www.makariosrv.com