Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Final Word on the Car Accident


Since I had been out of town last week, there was not much that could be done. The car was in my name so I had to appear at the Ministerio. I attempted to send a carta de poder (power of attorney) but they wouldn't accept it. So be it, and we waited until yesterday.

Not a big deal, we met with the lawyer that was provided by the insurance. He negotiated with the guilty party and settled on an amount. The car has been totaled and we will recover that wonderful stereo I received as a birthday present. The car is in the pound and the only trouble we ran into was over paying for the pound charges, deductible, and tow truck. I told them in no way would I pay for anything including the deductible. They said no way and I countered with, "take it out of the hide of the kid that destroyed my car". They said they had already settled and I countered, "too bad". That was my final word.

We got the papers from the Ministerio and took off today for the Federal police as it was under their jurisdiction. I had to bring the infamous copies, they received them and we got the paper to release the car from the pound. The adjuster met us there and said that there was no way the company would accept our terms. "Fine, let me speak to your supervisor". Off we went a block down the street to talk to the man in charge. We arrived about five minutes after the adjuster and he met us in the parking lot. He said he had talked to his boss and there was no problem. We weren't going to pay a cent.

We are off to Cincinnati tomorrow via Laredo International Airport (I feel like singing a song here) for a week with family. When we come back we can start looking for a new car.

The lesson here is be polite, stand your ground and know what the rules are. If not, find someone who does. If you ever need a translator, go to the local school and find a teacher who would be more than willing to be at your side. They love the opportunity to practice their English. S0meone posted recently about needing a translator. I sent them a private message on the Rv.Net but never heard back from them. Oh well . . . .

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  1. glad things worked and that Juan is OK...have a great visit with family, cheers Les