Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cincinnati Family Gathering

We've been having so much fun here in Cincinnati that I forgot to post on the blog. My brother's 70th birthday bash was a success. We have been getting together everyday and looking over old pictures and checking things like grayness, sagging eyes, flabby muscles and the like. What fun!

The birthday boy getting cheered by the Kolping Society of Cincinnati

Actually it has been nothing but one party after another. My nieces and nephews who live here in Cincinnati all have beautiful houses and I am very proud of them. They all have their kids (my great nieces and nephews) and they are all good-looking. It must be the new set of genes that entered the pool.

Today we are off for a German festival and will do some beer drinking and I hope some sausage eating with kraut.

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  1. You two sure have a knack of finding parties!