Monday, June 28, 2010

Finally, A Set Of Wheels

I had the check from the insurance company for a few weeks and I was hanging on to it until the right car came along. Well, this weekend it came along.

There are lots of good things about Mexico too! I chose the car on Friday, took the required documents on Saturday and picked up the car today. It already had insurance done via email with our agent. I sent her the information Sunday morning. Today by 10 a.m. she had given me three options. I chose one and had instant coverage. When I picked up the car this afternoon, all the paperwork was ready, the title had been changed, the tags paid for, and the sticker on the license plate. I left the dealership with the car, in my name, all paperwork finished. No pain whatsoever.

The car is the same make and model as the old one. This one is white and is a GT model. A little bit more equipped than the other one. Now the challenge is to figure out the stereo. Oh the humanity! Technology is killing me!

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  1. Very nice Chris! Now to replace the trailer..