Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Had A Feeling . . .

Not a Diane Krall song although she sings it well (I've Got A Feeling). I mentioned the possibility that we would be picking up a new rv near Dallas. I talked to the guy in person, I checked the manufacturer's website and even called and asked them questions.

However, I have learned over time that our emotions sometimes overpower our instinct. I sent the private owner an email and asked some deep questions regarding leaks, repairs, and clear title.

Guess what! The ad was pulled the same day and now no one answers the phone. It must have been a dirty deal. Oh well, better the disappointment than sending a check. I even asked him if I could send a deposit and then he got a bit squirrely,

Anyways, I'm in my hotel in Guadalajara, the cable went out after a huge thunderstorm so I am surfing the net and listening to music. I leave at 7 a.m. in the morning for home so I can get there in time to cut the grass. I guess I should be happy I am alive and healthy and able to cut the grass.

Okay, so I'm acting a bit immature. I never could accept my age, but I really am bummed out about not having an rv. This is starting to get on my nerves. We may just take the plunge and get the rv we want driving to Arizona or Florida.


  1. You will find the RV you want Chris. Don't take second best!

  2. We will be in Elkhart IN for a few days starting 6/14, is there anybrand you want us to check out for you?

  3. Chris, we will be in Elkhart IN starting 6/14, is there any RV we can check out for you?