Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monterrey to Laredo

We stopped by the highway patrol this morning on our way out of town to pick up a signed copy to release the car from the pound since we will be out of town and dropped it off with the adjuster down the street. I paid my taxes at the bank, filled up the SUV and hit the road.

Great trip, the highway from Monterrey to Laredo is in excellent condition and traffic was heavy for the middle of the week. We passed one check point set up by the federales and were waved through. We saw many convoys patrolling the highway and finally decided we were in good hands. I drove 140 kph the whole way, obviously it was a short trip. Entering the bridge, our wait time was about 25 minutes. The heat was responsible for quite a few cars overheating in line and they were pushed through by generous by-standers.

We got up to the caseta and they did a visual and let us pass. We had permits valid until October so we were good to go. As we left they stopped us again an interior search, fast and easy. Off we headed to the Holiday Inn (I expect to wake up much smarter than today, if you are familiar with the commercials). Our flight leaves from Laredo and believe it or not, I do not know the airport as we always fly from Monterrey, McAllen or Harlingen which is a Southwest city.

We had a quick lunch, took a nap and now we are in happy hour. We may stop by Walmart for some odds and ends. Here is a picture from our hotel window of Laredo, Tx along the I-35 corridor.

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  1. Ahhh the road. We are stuck in one place for awhile while we work for the summer but are officially on the road again 15 oct.

    Estamos envidioso. Disfruta su viaje y tenga cuidado.

    Di a Juan que he estado practicando mi francais. Estoy listo por la proxima vez. (espero)