Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aruanda Gets A Minor Facelift


With the hurricane and the damage that was done to the quinta, we decided to modify the driveway. Before, and we knew it, water would run down the road to our house and flood through. Well, you saw the photos of the water sitting in the front yard and measured up to 30 cms.

So we put a sidewalk in front of the house and added a ramp that will keep water flow from happening. Today the painter came and painted the front wall. This week I am going to take down the lamps and the post box and give them a new color. Thinking about something terracotta color unless someone else has another idea.

I filed a claim yesterday with the insurance company. We noticed that the flooding in the front yard lifted up the foundation of the house a few centimeters. It has since slowly returned to its original level but left some cracks in the walls on one side of the house and lifted up a row of floor tiles on the back patio.

I spoke with my agent a short while ago as he encouraged me to file a claim. He is going to the office tomorrow. He said they have a special section established to handle Alex cases and will follow up to make sure the adjuster contacts me. Our coverage is not extensive. We have a small house and I think it could be rebuilt for 50,000 dollars. Yes, I know that is very conservative but the coverage takes on theft, fire, flooding, earthquake, broken windows and the like.

I have a two day job next week and we are thinking of taking a six day trip to San Miguel de Allende. We would drive half way to Matehuala and stay at Las Palmas (no rv in tow), and the next day to San Miguel. Any suggestions on hotels would be appreciated.


  1. OH, you are going to SMA without us! Unfair!

  2. Croft, I'm on a mission to plan the Christmas/New Year's party. When, where and how, I don't have a clue. I hope people don't mind flying from Baja to SMA.

    What would the season be without someone saying, "Re vera, potas bene" :)