Monday, July 5, 2010

Can You Believe It's Still Raining

I got up at 3 a.m. this morning to catch my cheap discounted flight on VivaAerobus. Rinky dink operation but you can't beat the prices. They treat you like little kids and I guess receive training on how to reprimand adults. Once you're on the plane though, the service is very good. The only thing about being on board the aircraft is the constant bombardment of advertising. You know, like the kind you see on the bus above the windows. We left on time though and arrived safely. The pilots still have peach fuzz across their upper lip, not an indicator that they aren't good pilots, just very young.

Anyway, when I got up at the before crack of dawn, I looked out the window and it started raining. I guess the key is not to look out the window. All the way to the airport I thought about the anguish those that were flooded out of their homes must feel every time they fell a drop of rain.

Speaking of water, 98% of the city has it now. They worked their butts off getting the mains repaired and temporary diesel generators running. As I said the other day, the school year came to an abrupt end and there won't be any more classes or graduation ceremonies for that fact unless they revive them at a later date.

There was some difficulty getting to the airport as engineers are still working to determine the stability of bridges, overpasses and streets. It appears that the newer projects held up to the storm showing their stellar construction and design.

I was feeling mighty low on the plane. I felt as if I had copped out on everybody by leaving my people behind. This trip had been planned months ago so I shouldnt feel bad. However, part of me says I should cancel all this greedy work and get my butt back home and dig in with all the rest.

Yesterday, we went into town to find an internet connection. It was like the third coming. Bulldozers at work moving mud and debris. That debris by the way was mostly peoples hard earned belongings that no longer have any value. However, on Avenida Las Torres, a street that divides to mountains where the rich live on one side and the not so fortunate live on the other, trucks loaded with barrels and containers filled with water were being taken to the not so fortunate and filling their containers and water bottles. Everyone is in on the effort.

When I get back next week will be the time to get involved and find some seniors who may need assistance.

Stay tuned.

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