Friday, July 2, 2010

Update On Alex

We got some things cleaned up this morning but felt we had to head down to Allende to check on our property there. I was afraid our 40ft travel trailer had washed away.

Along the route, we passed our municipal seat of Santiago and the nearby town of El Cercado. What a mess. What is still roaring down the mountainsides and will continue to do so for at least another we. Our mountain ranges are from 12,000 ft to 7,000ft nearby.

We made it to Allende only to find that our property was barely touched although there is a dry river bed which runs within 25ft of our travel trailer. We checked inside, no water damage or leaks.

On the way back we stopped for "blunch" and had huevos rancheros with fried potatoes. While we were there we watched the devastation on the news. The death toll is now up to six and I can assure you they will find more within the rubble. We have been through this three times now.

The state of Nuevo Leon has already requested federal disaster relief. The president is arriving at 3 p.m. and will make the declaration. We should see funds from FONDEN(Mexicos version of FEMA) within two weeks.

One thing for sure, Mother Nature has the upper hand and we continue to not listen to her. We build on waterfronts, excavate the earth and rock, disobey the weather signs and think we can have the upper hand. When you live between giant mountain ranges, the water will look for its way out and has no mercy on pitiful human beings.

All these pictures were taken here near the house.

This is the river that flows through El Cercado.

Los Rodriguez is an ex-ejido and currently a neighorhood. This house sits right along the highway.

Bottom part of the slide below the house above.

Water receding in the front yard.

Allende, everything is in good order.

Market days were held here on Tuesday.

Nothing left.

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  1. I'm so glad you posted Chris. The news is full of horrible video from Monterrey, so much damage. Buried cars, houses, collapsed freeways and streets... I'm just so glad you two are OK.