Sunday, July 25, 2010

Will Regios Take To The Highways For Vacation?

A survey appears in today's issue of El Norte our local newspaper in Monterrey regarding vacation plans of Regiomontanos.

With the current situation, have you thought about traveling by highway?

61% say they will cancel or postpone their plans.

39% say they will continue their plans to travel by highway.

Of the 39%, here are their travel destinations:

  • McAllen 13%
  • Tampico 13%
  • Laredo 13%
  • South Padre Island 3%
  • San Antonio 3%
  • Other 57%
This is a big disappointment for the cities of Laredo, McAllen, San Antonio and Padre Island. These cities depend heavily on consumer shopping during the summer months especially the month of August as many people like to shop for school clothes, shoes, and school supplies as well as visit the tourist attractions. Regiomontanos (people from Monterrey) dump an estimated 3 to 4 billion dollars every year into the Texas economy. Again, that is just one small area of Mexico. Interestingly enough, a new verb has appeared over the last couple years to describe what we do when we go to the border, "mcallear", or to spend time in the RGV shopping and vacationing.

Truly ashame but that is the reality we are living in. We are heavily debating our purchase of an rv and if we do whether we should keep it in Texas until further notice.

Please be kind with posting comments, we all know what is going on and need no reminders of the situation. I thought this information is important based on the recent thread posted by Croft's Mexico where are friends Croft and Norma have posted their concerns about travel.


  1. My overriding emotion over the whole situation is anger! Anger at those who make canceling our winter of RVing in Mexico necessary and anger at myself for succumbing to the threats.

    It is a sad situation! Perhaps we can meet you guys in the States sometime over the winter. It would be "almost" as much fun.

  2. Funny, the google ads when I was reading your post were for cheap flights and all inclusives on the Maya Riviera. Flying looks better these days, at least if you need to cross northern MX. It is sad. I hope it gets better and not worse.