Thursday, July 1, 2010

It Won't Stop

I didn't sleep well last night. No heavy winds to speak of. Water keeps rushing into the quinta not only from the heavy rains but also from the street. It has no where else to go. Fortunately, the water seems to be keeping itself at bay. We really need sand bags at the gate to keep the water from the road out but our street is flooded about 300 meters from the house. We can't cross it to get out.

The Rio Santa Catarina which flows through the center of the metro area of Monterrey has crested. They moved the Circo NorteAmericano out last night. The airport is still open but the flights are empty as no one can get there. Most of the underpasses are flooded and all low-lying neighborhoods. They say this is as bad if not worse, in terms of water, as Hurricane Gilberto back in 89.

All we can do is sit and wait for the rains to slow down. The pool has reached its limit and soon will be filled with mud. When you live between mountain ranges and then cover it all with pavement and civilization, the water has to find its way out.

The winds are picking up now so another racha is coming. Like everything else, this too will pass.

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  1. Chris, I trust you are OK but I am watching the news from Monterrey and it is very, very bad. The river has eaten many streets, there are huge overpasses fallen and incredible damage. I watched an unbelievable rescue by the EMTs of someone holding by one hand to a rope and these brave heroes going out and bringing them in.

    Many municipalities are under water, many people are homeless and there are shelters set up in the schools and universities. The response by rescue workers looks impressive but the videos of the river running rampant through the city with roads collapsing as we watch are frightening.

    Thinking of you tonight Chris, stay safe and dry.