Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vacation Time?


I started my course that is being filmed live in a studio at the university and being transmitted to 24 campuses throughout Mexico. Wow, the technology is incredible. I'm able to work with five campuses via live interaction at any given time and the other 19 are watching, listening and calling in questions and comments. The blue screen used by television newscasters to report the weather is also used on a smaller scale. The camera is overhead looking down over the desk and I can put images and write on top of it. Too cool. The cameras are all remote controlled from the cabin on the other side of the glass.

With all the screens I can see myself, the studio group, four satellite groups and a split screen of my presentation with me in the corner of that screen. It is a lot of fun and as they said, "eres como un pez en el agua" (just like a fish in water). Maybe a new career?


Yesterday, I loaded up the lawnmower and took our part-time gardener with me to the 40ft travel trailer in Allende. He cut the grass while I worked with the exterminator and the carpet cleaner getting the place cleaned up and ready to spend a few days there. I really like it there and the trailer had pretty much been closed up and abandoned. It is in excellent shape, the roof in good condition. Mice had had a small party there. They won't be back for awhile, the exterminator did a good job. Now it is clean and fresh inside. I need to wash it outside but much better than it was. We purchased a new microwave to replace the one that had been stolen last year.

When the carpet cleaner finished he asked me to turn on the fan to speed up the drying process before brining in the slides. Too funny! Apparently, a mouse had chewed up the foam filter on the air intake that is in the ceiling. When I put on the fan, all that stuff came flying out of the air conditioning vents in the ceiling. They quickly vacuumed up the mess and everything was fine.

One problem that had been pending was the air conditioner. It would start to cool and then shut down. The a/c man came and found a bad capacitor. He replaced it and I let it run for three hours while I ran errands. When we got back and opened the front door, it was like a refrigerator. Ahhh, cool air. What a difference.

So we may stay there for a couple of nights before taking off for a well-deserved vacation. Two options, San Miguel de Allende or head to Texas to find an rv. Am I being too hopeful?


  1. The trailer looks nice Chris. Tough decision to have to make though. SMA is always nice but you do need that RV...

  2. rocmoc n AZ/BajaJuly 28, 2010 at 5:28 PM

    I vote for the vacation. Talk is getting stronger about a double dip recession and if that occurs trailer prices should go lower. JMHO!