Thursday, October 11, 2012

Debate and Tacos
Not on either side of the fence but Biden beat the socks off of Ryan.  What a debate!  Romney and Obama take note!  I say Biden 63% and Ryan 34%.
Today after my seminar, I went to a Valero station to buy a diet Coke.  There were three people eating barbacoa tacos with pickles on top.  Only in Texas.
That's it for today!  Mission accomplished.  I have one more presentation tomorrow and then I may go home.  Saturday I have been invited to a birthday lunch here in Reynosa.  If I don't get an answer I will head home. 


  1. "Biden beat the socks off of Ryan"

    No argument here, amigo!

    We will be heading south in the first week of November, enter MX first week of Dec at latest. Maybe Christmas in Queretaro again...

  2. I ALSO am an independent and I really don't care for any of them. That said, I have to disagree. 50.5 Ryan to Joe's 49.5 IMHO. I would have called it even but I feel Joe lost it on his personal re/actions while Ryan was answering. BUT they both did their job of holding the ground nearly unchanged until the next Presidential debate next Tues.

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  3. Barbacoa and pickles? Are you sure they werent eating brisket tacos? Here in San Antonio we also eat brisket tacos for breakfast, must try from bill millers bbq with some bbq sauce and salsa and a sweet tea to wash it down. Saludos