Saturday, October 20, 2012


Not sure why, but I have been reading quite a bit about shelters, especially the underground kind.  Very interesting reads, lots of building types, lots of ideas and I wonder which is the best.  There is the fiberglass tank that can be placed underground in a short period, one made from a giant galvanized pipe that measures 10 feet wide and from 25-50 feet (I like that one), then the DIYers made of concrete.  Some have air-lock doors, generators, wired for 110v, etc.
What puzzles me though is I would want one for protection not from natural disasters but from bad people during hard times.  Maybe I have been watching too much YouTube.   Let's say you want it to hide in.  You could have solar power I suppose, an air shaft, but what would keep people from cutting off your power or putting something into the ventilation system?
Then there is the water issue.  Some of these shelters come with kitchens and full baths.   Sounds good but where do you get the water unless you bury a 10,000 gallon tank and then where does the waste go?   If your shelter is 10 to 20 ft underground, that would mean you would have to have a septic tank setup that is 15 to 25 feet underground, does that sound about right?
The manufacturers aren't telling the whole story at least not at first glance on their webpages.   Two years worth of food sounds like a lot, but what happens after two years and you crawl out of your hole to find the whole planet amok?  You have to have a very large garden space, seeds, and a way to protect it from all those crazed people looking for whatever you have.  
Sounds a bit nuts but it is interesting to investigate. 


  1. Don't pull tomorrow's clouds over today's sunshine!

  2. Remember, Reality Programming isn't real. We always worry about finding tornado shelters since the 5W doesn't offer much protection. Saw where a mobile home park provided shelter by taking a run out school bus minus the motor, etc, dug a trench and towed it into the trench and then covered it with dirt except for the rear emergency door and a vent on top. cost them less than %1500. Maybe you can find an old nuke fallout shelter--at least the plans! Stay mobile with the FunFinder.