Monday, October 22, 2012

It Was A Great Week


Like all things, this last week comes to an end and this morning I head back to McAllen.  It was a fun week, mostly spent going to the gym and helping out with new project in a private school out here in the woods.  Did quite a few things around the house as well.
I should arrive  to McAllen around 1 p.m., pass by the storage for my materials I left behind and then go to the rv park.  I have everything ready so this afternoon is mine to piddle around and order some stuff for the rv.
Tomorrow I head out for Yoakum, Tx. which looks like a four hour drive.   Again, it will be a travel day as Wednesday I greet 200 students at the high school who will take my course.   The downside is after the event on Wednesday I need to drive back to McAllen, arriving around 8 p.m.  because Thursday I have another school in McAllen.  I'm not complaining, the money is great, it is a lot in two days.  I'll get over it.
Yesterday I went back to the book fair.  It was a blast.   Between the house and the convention center I ran into people I have known over the years.  Hard to escape from it anymore, I guess it comes with age.   I bought a book that I knew would be on sale as it was the close of the event.  I am a big fan of Howard Gardner who has written quite a bit about multiple intelligences.   A real shame we don't implement his methods and strategies in schools.  Students would love school and really learn something.
Next to the book fair in another exhibition hall was a giant sale of goods from Jalisco among other things.  The book fair was free and this was only 20 pesos.  It was packed as well.  I told you the other day I was in the market for a new juicer.  Lo and behold, there was a guy demonstrating and selling an attachment for your blender.   Sold! It works great.  I came home and made a spinach, carrot, celery juice.  Cost of the attachment, 150 pesos. 

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  1. Can you post more info on the juicer attachment? Sounds like a great buy. I love beet and carrot juice. Our Champion juicer it too heavy to carry in the RV.